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What is your favorite CAM software?



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    Bob Wood

    Please save the gcode file as with the grbl(inch) or grbl (mm) postprocessor extension.

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    Hi Bob,

    I'm trying to use vcarve Pro 9.5.  I love the software but I'm having trouble saving the project in a g code format that ugs will read.  Can you tell me how you get your project to the cnc.


    Thanks Brad

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    Greg Grote

    I've used Fusion 360 several times now.

    Using it for drilling holes (e.g., cribbage boards) is pretty straightforward because I've done some 3D CAD work in my career, and I found a youtube video where a guy walked through the steps to drill holes and just followed along. 

    I've also used it to mill out pockets (e.g., in the back of clocks), but that has been a bit less straightforward because I always seem to get a weird offset of 0.040" in the Z.  To date, I've always been in a hurry to finish a project, so I just make a .040 correction (either in F360 or when I zero my Z) and it comes out perfect, but I need to get in there and figure out what I'm missing.

    And yes, you can get a hobbyist license for no charge.  It wasn't a completely painless process, but then again we're talking Autodesk here.

    I use Easel to cut out shapes because it supports tabs.  I'm far from an expert, but I've muddled my way through.

    Maybe I'll get lucky and get snowed in for a week this winter so I can try some of the other packages, but for carving and engraving I've been getting what I need from F-Engrave, which is the program I use the most.

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