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    Kristin Allison

    Great Question!

    You can transfer that code to Notepad and then save the file. The file will need to be saved as a  NC or NGC file extension.
    Open UGS and open your file and import it into UGS and you should be good to go.  
    You can also try a gcode editor to help show you what the gcode is going to do. NC corrector or NCViewer (  will display the tool path of your gcode while you type it in.
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    Black Dragon

    Wow, that's interesting... Writing code down on paper? I've just been playing with a few images and converting them to gcode is about 3000 lines! I want to see how your project turned out! Maybe I'm a little spoiled but my hands aren't like they used to be, I can't see, hear or do things like I used to... But I can appreciate talent of writing code by hand and visualizing the finished product. I strive to be like you. ;) Teach me! I'm a blank slate.

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